Here's The Exact Process We'll Follow To Help You Aim For 7 Figure Launches... Every 90 Days!

Hey, Glad to see you've made it this far.

More than likely, we'll be able to make some magic happen for your challenge, but before anything else...

Let's go through the process and what to expect so everyone is clear and on the same page.

First of all, if we take you on as a client it is important to understand we approach your challenge with...

The 3-Sequence Launch Formula

Because really it is not just about having success, but also avoiding disaster and doing it properly to provide the largest revenues possible without the downside.

Here's how the 3-Step sequence works:

The Initial Launch - Getting It Working

Each launch builds on the previous.

The initial launch is all about getting everything up and operational.

It is important to make sure everything is working properly and the challenge ends with great sales and revenue, the performance metrics are in-range with where they need to be (so the next launch can achieve all of it's goals), and the program gets up and running.

Basically... The goal is to build, test and verify everything is working properly while minimizing risk.

So during the first go-around we will:

Build the entire challenge. This means working with you to define what the challenge will be, getting the messaging put together, we'll build the content structure, the sales process, and all the messaging around it.

The work starts about a month prior to the challenge start date.

There's a lot of groundwork that goes into building a successful challenge.

Then of course...

We Have The Challenge Itself!

During the challenge we make sure all the messaging goes out properly, and. we adapt to changes as they come up (every launch always has twists and turns).

We help you tweak the messaging, your delivery and content, and most importantly make sure the pitch we assemble matches the audience (otherwise sales will vanish into thin air).

Lastly we are testing the offer, we build the sales page, do all the copywriting... everything short of being the "star" - which of course is reserved for you.

Prior to the launch we also drive traffic to verify "cold" traffic conversion which is key for affiliate promotions and revenue down the road.

The goal is to have the first launch go off with a smashing success! But if it doesn't... we start modifying things before the launch is over so we can get it working and save it.

Once the first launch is complete - it is time to build out the program and delivery.

We will assist in the delivery setup and process... but this is largely where you take over.

Once we're done with the first challenge, the worst part is out of the way.

The initial challenge usually generates between $20,000 - $50,000 in revenue. Sometimes more (much more) but this also depends on where your business currently is, the size of your list, and how much we agree to minimize the risk.

Remember... the key to the first challenge is to get it up and working. We rarely make any profit from the first launch after our team costs, traffic, etc. We don't partner up with you for the short term as there is no reward in it. We're investing in your business as well.

Once everything is done with the first challenge including the delivery... it is usually time to start the second challenge.

It takes a lot of setup and work to get this far, but soon the revenue starts to rise dramatically while the work and stress start to decrease.

So 90 days after the first challenge we have...

The second launch - Scaling it up

The second time around (90 days later) everything is now functioning... and we know this (and have proof - this will be very important shortly).

Now is the time to take the foundation and build it out so we can move into 6-figure launch territory.

Also it gets much easier now since most of the content is created. Each launch builds on itself until we reach peak.

During the second challenge launch time there is far less work required on your end. Now it starts to smooth out and we can run the Challenge Launch without all the stress and chaos.

Now that everything is running well, converting and generating revenue we can start to build sales through outside advertising.

Our team will run cold traffic campaigns to your challenge so we're not just relying on your in-house list.

Also, this is where we optimize the results from your previous launch and really start dialing in the numbers. Regardless of where the initial launch began... (with great results or mediocre) we start to tweak everything so the system is running great and making you large sums each time we run the challenge.

This builds out the proof we need to move into launch #3...

The Third Launch - Time to Maximize Sales

90 days after the 2nd launch... it'll be time for the third launch. At this point everything should be running smooth on the launch process, you'll know the in's and out's of the challenge, and we can focus on maximizing revenue.

Now it is time for us to get as much leverage as possible. This means we'll...

1. Scale paid traffic

2. Send people from your house list

3. Ramp up our affiliate army to drive massive traffic

The goal is for us to hit 7 figures or more in sales. This isn't possible for all businesses but if yours is primed for it then this is the goal.

But... that's not the end of the road.

After The First 3 Launches...

After the third launch we continue to run the challenge every 90 days.

If the results start to fade, we revamp the challenge, or adjust so successful results will continue.

Don't forget... it's all about...

Maximum Gain with Minimum Loss!

Everything we do is engineered around this outcome.

The good news is once everything is setup and proven... we can start leveraging so you can get to the bigger paydays!

Also... after your second launch we'll have everything we need to start promoting your challenge through your affiliate program (this isn't required but 99% of the time you'd be crazy to not use).

And... don't forget...

We Have A Team of Super Affiliates
To Promote Your Challenge!

Because of our unique background and track record in the affiliate and CPA world... we know all the big players on a first name basis.

And... they're always looking for great products to promote that also convert well... and make lots of $$$.

It just so happens that since we're building out your challenge and therefore (by the third launch) your challenge will be converting like crazy... and they'll be happy to promote your program for a split of the profits as well.

Having said all of this, it is important you understand what all we require in order to work together.

So here is...

The Details of Our Agreement...

Obviously, with us partnering with you with no "out of pocket" expenses we need to be on the same page prior to getting started.

So here are the terms of how we work...

It takes about 4-6 weeks prior to prepare your challenge launch and lay the groundwork to give the best odds of success, the challenge lasts typically 5 days (set aside a week for the challenge). After the challenge week there is typically a week's break until the program delivery begins (so you can recharge your batteries).

We charge 35% of gross profit (all revenue from the challenge minus delivery costs) to build, run and manage your challenge.

The minimum term of the agreement is 12 months (4 challenges every 90 days). We don't make any money until typically 6 months in... and it takes a minimum of 12 months for us to have a solid return from working with you. And while it is highly unlikely you would want to stop after 1-year... that is the minimum we can do.

We'll (together) run the challenge every 90 days

We require an affiliate program that we can use to promote your challenge (this is how we make money - remember when we said we're experts with driving traffic?). We expect the typical affiliate split (evened out with the management fee). We will discuss your specific amount on the phone call since each case is different. It should be fair for everyone.

We like to see (however is not usually required) an affiliate program setup for the challenge so our team of affiliates can drive sales for your challenge as well and increase your revenue significantly.

After You Apply This Is What Will Happen:

When you click the button at the bottom of this page you'll go to a short questionnaire that asks some basic information about your business.

Nothing intrusive or crazy. It takes less than 3 minutes for most people to fill out.

We do this so we can see if your business meets the criteria we are looking for.

Once we receive your application we will review it and see if you meet our criteria and we can move forward.

If yes, then we'll reach out and schedule a time for a quick phone call and we can get everything moving.

If no, then we'll notify you that as well.

After our phone call and our discussion, if everything sounds good all around and we move forward the next step is for us to get the agreements signed (basically a simple agreement to the terms we stated above)... and then we can start setting up your challenge launch.

It's all a pretty straight forward process.

Now you may be wondering, when we start working with you...

What Is Required From You During The Challenge...

As part of this you'll be expected to...

1) Work with us prior to the challenge so we can get the information we need to structure the content and get everything planned out for the launch

2) Create the content for the challenge (a combination of video and posts)

3) Do the "Live" content each day for the challenge and interact with your audience during the challenge.

4) After the launch you are required to deliver the product/program/service that is sold in the challenge. This should be pretty self explanatory.

The good news is that the majority of this only has to be done once.

The first time around it is definitely not "easy". There's a lot of work building content. But if you are building a business and expect easy and also to make a lot of money then you're in the wrong business.

The 2nd launch (and all after) most of the content is created, and you only have to do the "Live" sessions during the week of the challenge and interaction. Afterwards the program is already created so delivery should be much easier.

And we'll give you instructions (especially during the challenge) so it is all plug and play on your end. Just do the daily tasks that we send over.

We can also help you with the delivery structure, technical help, and more.

Ready to Get Started?

Click "Apply Now" button below and we'll see if you are a good fit for our program.


Vince Whinnery

P.S. It's rare that someone else is willing to partner up with you to help you build your business for only a split of the profits generated.

But we're doing just that. 

And we already have everything in place so your business can hit new revenue levels.

We already have...

- a great management team who has this process down and a great track record of success

- expert copywriters on staff (saving a minimum of $30k upfront plus a percentage of sales)

- Traffic experts on staff who can scale your challenge to large groups of people you never thought possible

- a group of the top affiliates in the world who generate massive sales - and are happy to do so for your challenge as well

This is as close to a turnkey profit center for your business as you will find, especially for not having to pay a large amount of money upfront or give away a huge share of the revenue.

We're essentially investing in your business as a partner and you get all the massive upside... without the risk or downside.

If you're serious about growing your business this year with challenges then I'd suggest filling out the application ASAP... as once we open this up to all of our networks we will quickly have a long line of companies waiting to work with us.

We look forward to talking with you on the phone and helping you add multiple 7-figures to your company this year.