Would You Like Our Expert Team To Build, Run and Manage Your Next Highly Profitable Challenge...  For NO Money Out of Pocket?

See How You Can Have Our Team Run Your Next Challenge Without Any Money Out of Pocket...
Not Our Usual $30,000 or more upfront!

Dear Friend,

If you own a business and do any marketing online... then you've likely heard the buzz about challenges.

And for good reason. When done properly they are skyrocketing sales right now.

If you think you may want to run a challenge in your business... then you'll want to read every single word of this letter since it can directly alter the path of your business in the next 3-12 months!

It is rare to ever see anyone put their money where their mouth is... but you'll see how we do it below.

Ready To Bring A Surge of Cash And New Customers Into Your Business In As Little As 30 Days From Now?

Imagine having a steady... and growing... flow of sales come into your business every 90 days (I'll explain why every 90 days shortly).

It isn't unusual to generate an extra $50,000... $100,000.00... or even $300,000.00 from a challenge or product launch.

And... if you stick to the end of this I'm going to show you how you can bypass the usual learning curve and not have your launch end in disaster.

Even better, I'll show you how you can do it without paying a penny upfront... and have our expert team build, run and manage the most aggravating and tedious part of your business.

This way it brings in a consistent 6-figures or more every 90 days. All without the worry and hassle of running your own product launch.

Everyone Knows A Successful Product Launch is Great

When you have a great launch it brings in a lot of...

  • New customers
  • Sales and revenue
  • Eyeballs to your brand
  • Authority from everyone promoting you
  • Good will if you're delivering value as part of the launch process
  • New affiliates who want to promote your products

There's a reason one of the most profitable companies in the world has made it a consistent part of their marketing (have you heard of Apple?).

And that is if everything goes off without a problem! (hint: that happens about 2% of the time).

They're also extremely tedious, finicky, and if not pulled off correctly can blow up in your face!

Have You Ever Run a Product Launch Before?

If so, you know the massive headaches, stress and perilous moments where a single mistake can blow up the results and make the hundreds of hours and thousands of dollars, at best, a waste of your time.

But nobody talks publicly about the downside. 

The behind the scenes of the reality of product launches is stuff insiders talk about all the time. It can also be the stuff of nightmares.

And any significant mistakes and it can blow up in your face!

--> Any issues on the tech side (which always happen) can kill your sales!

--> Any issues with your sales funnel... and conversions drop... can mean low or no output for affiliates. Once this happens it will KILL your future affiliate promos. 

--> Also any conversion issues will kill your ROI (return on investment) from your ad spend. You have to spend all your budget up front BEFORE conversions happen. And if they don't materialize then you can't magically erase the lost money in advertising.

My first 3 product launches (over a decade ago) ended with me losing money, blowing up successful promotions, months of working around the clock... and losing my credibility!

That's the usual learning curve when it comes to this.

The good news?

I'm going to show you how you can avoid all of this on the next few pages...


We've been at this for a combined 34 years.

Build up backstory

To illustrate this I'll share with you a challenge we ran a few weeks ago.

A few weeks ago we did a quick challenge launch for a coaching product (and it was run on a very tight timeline).

Despite All Of The Issues...
It Still Brought in $88,000 in Revenue!

40 sales at $2,200 = $88,000

2 paid in full & the rest on the payment plan (4 were test conversions in the pic above).

But It Gets Better. Much Better.

Here's why...

We kept our downside to a minimum. You know... to avoid all those issues I described a minute ago.

The first launch was kept small to make sure everything worked before we start to scale up (I go over why in detail on the next page).

So all in all... we generated $88,000 from only 220 leads.

That's $385 per subscriber. 

Or $61 EPC (earnings per click... basically how much each click brought in).

That's More Than 12 Times Higher Than A "Great" Promotion!

To put it in perspective... if you are an affiliate then a $3 EPC is pretty damn good. 

$5 is sky high - and everybody will want to promote it.

We had a $61 EPC.

But that's not all. 

99% of the time when someone has something similar happen... it is because it came from their house list.

And when your very best customers and prospects who are already pre-disposed to buying anything you put out convert... cool, but it doesn't translate very well to any other leads... like affiliate traffic or advertising. 

What usually happens is if the house list converted at 20%... but leads from affiliates and cold traffic (from advertising such as Facebook) converts at 2% or less.

But in this case...

Cold Traffic actually Converted Better!

Of only 58 leads from Facebook... 10 converted at a price point of $2,200.

That's a Conversion Rate of 16.8% From Cold Traffic For A $2,200 Product!

Here's a screenshot of the fb ads we ran on this challenge...

I think it is safe to say that we did pretty well with that challenge.

The best part is we do it again in 90 days... and this time we can focus on scaling it up now that we know it is working.

The next one should finish well into 6-figures.

Imagine how good it will feel when you have paydays like this every 3 months... all without having to take on the extreme hassle, work and risk to make it succeed.

And then there's the other side to running challenges and launches...

The Key is Managing Risk/Reward

Look - we all like the idea of 7 figure launches.

And it is definitely possible.

But to be clear... that is something you want to work up to and not start with.

If Done Incorrectly... It Can Quickly Put You Out of Business. 

Think about it... if you do a "big launch" without having everything running smooth then you will likely...

  • Not convert well at all - and affiliates will be mad at you
  • Lose money from all advertising efforts
  • Mess up delivery - and get lots of refunds and chargebacks (making it nearly impossible to find any place to process your payments)
  • And that isn't even getting into the merchant account side. Getting the actual money from the processor into your account is highly unlikely if you don't follow the right process to get it there. 

Every player in the launch space has had merchant accounts get frozen before.

Oftentimes processors will do it with small amounts... but drive 7 figures in sales in the span of a couple days out of the blue? This is their worst nightmare. It will be frozen... and you'll be lucky if you receive the money in 90-180 days.

At that point your affiliates will put you out of business and you'll have to deliver refunds out of pocket... costing you hundreds of thousands out of pocket.

That will bankrupt most businesses. Before Coronavirus hit.

Want To Have Our Expert Team Run Your Next Challenge or Launch?


Here's what comes next.

When you click on the button at the bottom of this page, you'll see a form for your name and email. Enter your details and we'll send you more details and the requirements... as well as what you can expect.

We'll go into all the details about how this works, the process, and what to expect on the next page.

But keep in mind there is a lot of demand for our help right now. As you'd probably expect. It is not everyday that someone helps you build your business... and has the expertise to do so... all without money out of pocket.

So if you're serious about your business and scaling it fast... you don't want to waste any time as...

We Are Going To Open The Doors And Accept A Few New Clients Soon...

We have everything in place and our team is ready for a few more clients who we can work with and get great results.

If this is like any other time we have opened the doors... we'll get a flood of applications quick.

Usually this involves a pretty penny upfront to prove you're serious... but this time we decided to try something out and see what kind of results it gets.

We're Not Charging Anything Upfront... For Now

If you play it right, this is your chance to grow your business by 7 figures this year... WITHOUT any upfront investment or risk.

You don't get many chances to do this in life.

Oh, but wait. I almost forgot...

A Few Additional Benefits You'll Receive When Working With Us...

On top of us helping you build your business risk free (all we ask in return is for just a portion of the profits we help create...

You also get to enjoy some pretty strong bonuses.

1. We are experts at conversions.

The CEO (Vince Whinnery) has been writing ad copy for almost 20 years.

He charged well into  5-figures (back when he was available) to help others build their funnel and sales copy.

And when you get access to our team that is going to make sure your challenge converts (it is in our best interest to do so and how we make money).


2. We are experts at driving traffic

You know how driving cold traffic from paid ads is kinda difficult?

Yeah, we do too.

Because we've been doing it at the highest levels for over a decade. $5k per day ad spend generating leads in the most difficult verticals in the world (think insurance, finance and high levels of the CPA game). 

Been there, done that.

You also get the benefit of us driving traffic to your challenge. Which results in a massive amount of sales.

You're welcome.

3. We also have  an army of the top affiliates in the world.

Want people who know how to promote your high priced products?

Hope so, because our affiliates can drive massive traffic to your challenge.

We've leveraged our relationships with others we've known in the industry for over a decade (going back to the stone age) who are the best at driving all sorts of traffic (whatever their specialty is) who... together... is responsible for at least hundreds of millions in sales over the last 5 years or so.

No joke.

At the end of the day...

If You Want To Run A Challenge You Have 3 Different Options...

1. You can run the challenge yourself.

If so no problem. We wish you the best of luck. 

Hopefully it gets close to what you expect. Most people find out it is far more difficult than they expect... and they typically generate far LESS profits than they think they will.

If you want a expert help to manage your launch... then be ready to shell out $50k upfront plus 10% of the profits. 

If you want expert sales copy... then be ready to shell out an extra $30-$50k plus a percentage of profits.

If you want expert help with driving traffic from advertising... then be ready to shell out $20k plus a percentage of profits.

If you want expert affiliates promoting your challenge or launch... then you better be shelling out 50% of sales and have a killer conversion (which ties into having a pro sales copy team above for at least $30k+).

Another path is to...

2. Apply with us and pay nothing out of pocket

It's not often in life a team of experts will help you make a bunch of money in your business... for just a split of the profits.

But here is that time.

Don't risk all the time, resources and your company's credibility by messing it up.

This is as close as you can get to having someone hand you stacks of cash risk-free.

The other option is...

3. Pay someone else, lose money upfront, and cross your fingers

If you know of someone who will do all of this for your business, has the track record of doing very well at it... and will do it for free... then you should take them up on it.

But of course the obvious questions is why would they do it for you then?

Here's The Catch...

I know you're probably thinking this sounds too good to be true, right?

After all, it usually costs $20k - $50k upfront to have a seasoned team do this for you PLUS a percentage of revenue.

And we're not all about that... even though we easily have the credentials and proven track record to do just that.

There are a couple requirements...

1) You must ALREADY be in business, or about to be in business, and be able to deliver high-quality products/services to your customers. 

We're not going to help you sham people, or make a bunch of sales only for you to not deliver.

This is pretty straightforward.

If you're brand new, have no customers, and are "thinking about starting a business"... then great. Reach out to us once you're actually IN business.

But we're not going to take the risk of hoping you deliver a quality product.

2) You must have a proven high-quality product and a track record of delivering including happy customers

Our ass is on the line here.

If you don't deliver after we help you generate a ton of sales... it will hurt our reputation, and we also don't make any money.

No bueno for us.

So with that in mind, and as long as you meet the 2 requirements above, let me ask you...

Where Is Your Business Going To Be in 1 Year From Now?

In a year from now, will you be looking back and looking over your company's balance sheet saying, "my business added on a couple million this last year"... or...

...will you be sitting around telling yourself "I'm going to figure out how to get these challenges to work in my business."

This is your chance to potentially work with big players... who have everything in place and make it a turn-key asset for your business.

No "figuring it out" and hoping you make money. 

No paying someone tens of thousands upfront... and hoping all turns out ok (and still paying out a percentage of profit).

Just plug and play... and watch the money pile into your bank account.

Once our schedule fills up, you'll be out in the cold.

P.S. Don't forget this is an experiment. This is not something we usually do - just sharing in the profits we generate without a qualifying "up front" payment.

We have a crazy-good track record of generating highly profitable sales.

Currently we've only told this to a couple of our friends and a small circle related to them. And if it is like anything that usually happens... we'll get a landslide of applications once we open this up to everyone else.

So if you're serious, have a great product, and are ready to make some money then click the button below. Reserve your spot in-line before it fills up, we shut the doors, and we have more clients than we can handle for the next 24 months.